25 Instagram Models to Start Following Right Now

Every fashionista always searches for top Instagram model accounts to follow. So, today I would like to share 25 famous Instagram model account details with you. So, let’s explore these fashion divas.

1- Kendall Jenner


One of the most popular Instagram models is Kendall Jenner. She is a part of the Kardashian-Jenner family, so the style is in her blood.

2- Emily Ratajkowski


Another cute model on Instagram is Emily. If you don’t know how to brighten up your wardrobe, get the best outfit ideas from her.

3- Irina Shayk


If I talk about famous Insta models and don’t take Irina’s name, then it would be a blunder. She is a fashion diva who knows how to fascinate her audience with her subtle looks and style.

4- Ashley Sky


Girls who can’t master their bed head selfie should take Sky’s direction. She knows how to pose hot for the camera.

5- Kelly Gale


Many girls get jealous to see the sculpture body of this Victoria’s Secret model. This Austrian Indian model presents both cultural variations from time to time in her Instagram account.

6- Candice Swanepoel


When it comes to curvy Instagram models, you shouldn’t forget to follow this charming girl.

7- Anastasia Ashley


Once her twerking video went viral, she took her first step to Instagram Stardom. She is one of the hottest models on Instagram.

8- Jen Selter


Do you need fitness motivation? Take them straight from Fitness model Jen Selter. She has a toned body that quickly inspires other females to do something for their shape. You can have an excellent rear view on her account.

9- Arianny Celeste


Guys have already seen Arianny Celeste during a ring fight. She is one of the famous Instagram models. Girls might not be familiar with her, but it’s time to follow her account to get to know her.

10- Natasha Oakley


If you are a girl who loves to explore the beach, follow Natasha Oakley as she shares the same interest. She doesn’t mind sharing her cool photos where she poses on the beach. Oakley is well known due to her living in a bikini style.

11- Josephine Skriver


Another model from Victoria’s Secret knows how to win everyone’s attention with her fascinating looks, cute smile, and attractive figure.

12- Aïssata Diallo


This supporting model from Manchester City has only 82 thousand Instagram followers, but her profile deserves more. It’s because she is good at sharing amazing pictures.

13- Cindy Kimberly


She is an artist cum model. What a unique combination? She has 4 million Instagram followers. This style diva is hot enough to set fire on stage with her performance.

14- Audreyana Michelle


She is one of those Instagram girls that turned into Instagram models by fans and followers. Michelle has 540K followers.

15- Lisa-Marie


Lisa-Maria lets you explore Cap Town and California. She shares selfies, video shoots, and much more to keep followers engaged.

16- Madi Edwards


One of the beautiful Instagram models is Madi Edwards; she has a charming personality that keeps people following her accounts.

17- Jocelyn Chew


When you want to see a hint of china, Canada, and Icelandic in one Instagram model, Jocelyn Chew is the best portrayal of all those countries.

18- Devin Brugman


If you are into swimwear and want to get the best suggestion, then start following Devin Brugman. She is one of the top Instagram models who are living mannequins for their personal brands.

19- Charlie Austin

She is cute, smart, and mind-blowing. Her Instagram account offers a colorful depiction of style and grace with a tint of hotness, indeed.

20- Caroline Kelley


Caroline Kelley is one of the hottest IG models who like to wear a bikini every other day. Bikini is a New Casual for them, perhaps.

21- Anna Herrin


If you plan to take yoga classes, don’t forget to follow Anna Herrin because she does yoga and shares her yoga poses.

22- Elizabeth Sawatzky


One of the famous Instagram models is Elizabeth Sawatzky, who knows how to mesmerize her followers with stylish looks and selfies.

23- Beatriz Fernandez


This Spanish model is famous as a selfie queen. If you are on the track of becoming one, go and follow in her footsteps.

24- Erika Wheaton


Girls who like style, smile, and beauty side by side would take good interest in Erika, who is hot and attractive.

25- Galinka Mirgaeva


Fashionistas should start following Galinka as she can offer you street-style inspiration and ideas.

How to Become an Instagram Model

Do you want to become an Instagram model? It’s not that hard. It would be best if you posed like other famous models on Instagram. Follow their accounts and get some style sense.

Focus on Your Style and Outfit

Once you start looking into other IG model accounts, you would understand how they pose. Now what you need to do is to freshen up your wardrobe with fantastic clothing. Shop new clothes, buy jackets, other stuff. Your skin-care and hairstyles matter a lot. You would have to pay adequate attention to how you look and whatever you wear.

Hire A Photographer

You don’t know what the right angle is and what is your best side. Therefore, spend money and hire a photographer. Whether you wear a bikini or cardigan, you need to do the best pose. Try to gather a lot of content so that you keep your account fully updated. Always hire an expert who knows all about his job.

A photographer’s expertise helps you get good quality content that you will update on your account regularly. Remember, consistency is the key to success on Instagram, so freshen up your feed all the time with new content and videos.

Spend Money on Promotion

Tons of models are out there seeking attention from followers to get likes, and comments on Instagram. You can handle this competition by promoting your account. Make the most of Instagram ads so that your account can grow with time. If you want to gather name and fame, then it’s vital to invest in yourself. This investment will pay a return later, when you become famous Instagram models, and brands will hire you for endorsements.

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