How to Appear on the Instagram Explore Page in 2020

The Instagram Explore page is also recognized as the Popular or Discover page. It presents photos, video posts, stories, and IGTV videos that you might like from other users you’re not before following.

How The Instagram Explore Page Operates

The Instagram Explore page appears changed for each user. The content displayed to you is similar to the people you follow and the content you associated with.

If you’re following many food accounts, Instagram will notice this and start including content from similar food accounts you’re not following. You might also see that if you view someone’s profile and not follow them, their posts start to show up on your Explore page.

How to Get Your Instagram Content to Appear on Other Users’ Explore Page

Now that you know how the Instagram Explore page works, you can create a strategy to maximize your chances of having your content show up there.

Ensure Your Instagram Profile is Public

It might sound simple, but it has to be told that you won’t appear upon anyone’s Explore page if you have a private Instagram account. Following this, a private Instagram account is not meant to be discovered by users, and your content is hidden from anyone who isn’t following you.

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Explore Posts With The Highest Engagement Levels

If you’ve been utilizing Instagram for a moment, you may have seen that some of your posts get so many likes and comments, while others don’t take as many. It’s essential to identify those posts with the highest engagement levels and try to understand why they’re getting more action.

Ask Yourself:

  • Who is your target audience, and what activities they like from you?

If you can recognize trends in your posts with strong engagement, you should post related content to realize if you can follow up on the direction.

Post At The Right Time

Posting the right kind of content helps with posting when your followers are most active on the Instagram platform. As discussed earlier, you can discover when your audience is usually engaged on the platform by seeing your analytics if you own a business account.

Analyze the time zone and work plan for your audience. Excellent time forms to explore include very early in the morning about 5 am, just before the workday starts (before 9 am), in the lunch hour, the late afternoon between 3 and 4 pm, and the start of the evening between 5 and 7 pm.

Inspire Users To Like, Comment, And Follow

Sometimes it’s not sufficient to post unique content and post at the right times to inspire your viewers to like and comment. If you want them to do just that, you should tell them exactly what you want to do in the post caption.

You can make it fun by getting creative. Try captions like, “Double-tap if you love Friday!” or “What’s your favorite thing about Friday? Comment below!”

You might be surprised to see just how much your engagement increases by giving your audience instructions to interact with you. Remember, the more engagement your content gets, the higher your chances of showing up on the Explore page.

Add Popular Hashtags And Locations

Hashtags can instantly build up the engagement on your posts, and posts with hashtags also appear on the Explore page of users who have searched those hashtags. To avoid looking spammy, consider including your hashtags in your post’s first comment rather than your caption.

Tagging locations can also help you focus on your target audience and potentially show up on the Explore page of users searching for those locations. The more famous the location, the greater chance you have of getting discovered by more users.

Tag Brands And Influencers

If you’re posting about a product, a service, a person, an event, or anything else, you should tag them in your post if there’s a related brand or influencer account. Please do this by tagging them in the photo/video itself and then again by including their handle in your caption.

When you tag other accounts in your posts, Instagram considers this. If the algorithm finds a relationship between your account/post and the tagged account, your post might start showing up on the Explore page of users who follow that tagged account (if they don’t follow you).

Don’t Ignore About Stories And IGTV

Posts make up most Explore page content these days, but Instagram seems to be working more stories and IGTV videos into it as these content forms grow in popularity. Stories are beginning to appear inline with posts, and IGTV videos are featured in more giant boxes (four times the regular post).

Give some consideration to how you can organize your Instagram account’s theme and overall information creatively into your stories using text, emojis, stickers, animations, and more. Think about how you can take inspiration from your current posts with high engagement and potentially change that into long-form videos for IGTV.

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