Ways to Use Instagram Live Feature to Build Brand Presence

Instagram Live Feature

Instagram has recently introduced a new feature called Instagram Live. The live sessions on Instagram allow you to feature different types of content through which you can have a glimpse into someone’s personal life. This feature helps the brands to create more awareness among the people and increase people’s engagement too. It provides a chance to build a good connection with your customers. Several ways allow you how to go live on Instagram to build a brand presence among the customers, and these are mentioned below;

  • Make a Schedule of Q&As on New Offerings

Using Instagram live sessions for brand Presence can increase your business exposure on Instagram if you schedule Q&As strategically and update the customers on a new arrival or the new members of your team. If you continue doing live sessions on Instagram, then it will help you to create a good connection with your customers, and in this way, it will help you to build your brand Presence among the people.

  • Host a Live Instagram Session

If you want to use Instagram Live session to build brand Presence, then hosting a live questionnaire is the best way. If you are going to host live sessions on Instagram, then make sure that you post about that on Instagram before starting it. At least post about the questionnaire for about 4–5 hours before so that the people can prepare the questions that they want to ask you. This is a very good way of engaging your followers on Instagram live sessions. They respond very quickly and stay in touch until the live session is over. So you can use this amazing trick to gather the attention of people towards your brand.

  • Collaborate With Other Brands

Another way of using Instagram Live sessions to build your brand Presence is by collaborating with other brands. You can partner with other famous companies and do live sessions. In this way, both brands can have the chance to engage their followers, and in this way, more people come to know about your brand. This is a very good marketing technique which requires less effort and time. It can help you to grow your brand awareness in front of other company customers too. So, using this trick will surely help you in increasing brand awareness through Instagram live.

  • Try To Do Bilateral Conversions More

A lot of studies have shown that people are more interested in bilateral interactions. It is a very good idea to promote your brand by engaging the customers through bilateral conversions. Customers also liked to be heard. In this way, you can cater to their issues instantly, and the customers feel that their opinions are being valued by the brand. Bilateral conversations can help to create a relationship of loyalty and trust between the brand and customers. You can easily increase your brand Presence if you do bilateral conversions on Instagram live. The Instagram live feature has helped a number of businesses in growing their audience.

  • Use Live Sessions for Storytelling

It has been observed that Instagram has played a vital role in promoting storytelling through Instagram live sessions. Instagram is one of the biggest storytelling platforms. There are many advantages of storytelling on Instagram. The customers can comment while you are telling your story. It’s an amazing way to attract your audience towards your brand. You don’t have to tell any fancy story instead keep it basic and normal; let people enjoy the essence of natural things in life. Therefore it is advised to use Instagram Live for storytelling.

  • Make Connections With The Clients

Instagram Live is an excellent platform that allows customers to interact with the brand owners directly. In 2020 because of this pandemic of COVID-19, most of the companies are working online, and it is essential to interact with the customers on a daily basis, and Instagram live is the best way of interacting with your customers. Instagram Live is a good way to enhance the connection between you and the clients. When the customers can interact with you, they can have a detailed discussion with all the clients and can have a clear picture of their demands and complaints. Making connections with the clients will attract more clients towards your brand. In this way, you can use Instagram Live to build brand Presence among the clients and all other people on Instagram.

  • Share Your Personal Life and on Instagram Live

People are mostly interested in the personal life of the people and famous brand owners; therefore it is an awesome idea to create awareness among the people. If you want to get more Instagram followers loyal to your company, then tell them your journey as in telling them about the hardships that you have faced in growing your business. You can also talk about the challenges you faced while deciding a design for your business. In this way, the clients will develop empathetic feelings for you.

Most of the people thought that the live show cast of personal life is only for the actors, but this is not true. CEOs and other brand owners can also use this feature to showcase their personal life with their followers and customers. You can share your personal stories or other things that are related to you and your business.

In a nutshell, if you want to use Instagram Live to build brand Presence among the people, then you have to follow the above-mentioned steps. It is advised to stay patient and determined during this period to grow your business. Persistence and hard work is the solution to progress. As we know that good things come to those who wait; therefore you have to be patient and keep posting content on a daily basis to build your presence through Instagram Live.

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